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My name is Drew Walmsley- filmmaker, photographer and content creator.

This isn’t the first production company I’ve started but the one that most accurately represents who I am and why I love doing this. 

Starting out as a wedding filmmaker, I eventually branched out into commercial photography and content for various brands across Ontario. I gained further experience working on documentaries, television shows, and as a director of photography (someone who makes the image look the best it can) for other production companies. You name it, I’ve tried it. Funny enough my post secondary schooling is in policing. I thought 'this filmmaking thing' was just a hobby or a side hustle, but it is the only thing that has ever felt like a natural way of expressing myself. Some express themselves through music, some through painting and this is my way of showing you how I see the world. 

Combining business with art can be a tricky thing but if done correctly it can be extremely rewarding, not only for the client but also for the artist.


Just Drew Productions is a full service Production Company from conception to finished product. We focus primarily on working with brands such as commercials and content creation for social media, although we cover much more. With a team focused on getting to know you, your brand and your product, we may just be the perfect fit for you.






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